Sehen Sie auch Deutsche Kolonien für weitere Afrika-Auswahl / Please also see German Colonies

Kurzbeschreibung / Short description

Egypt-Persia via Bombay with scarcs H/S Boxed SET SEA P O in violet Reverse


Deutsch-Ostafrika / German East Africa

1907 Picture postcard franked with 4H, apparently written in Kissenji, mailed from Usumbura 14-9-07, underpaid to Basel and taxed accordingly (23.11.07)
N.B. Post office Kissenji was not opened until Dec 20, 1911

Redirected Mail to Belgian Consul in CALCUTTA full of character

Incoming Mail to Morocco

1918 South Africa OUR DAY Motive Red Cross


EGYPT to INDIA (Underpaid Mail)

DWI to Cape Colony--- PPC

MAKTAU (B.E.A.) to NAIROBI India half anna P.S. overprinted I.E.F., cancelled "F.P.O. 315" (at Maktau [on railway between VOI and Taveta])

TELEGRAM DAR-ES-SALAAM to AMANI (Civil telegram sent from F.P.O.337 - Dar-Es-Salaam)

<--- Reverse and inside of telegram

DAR-ES-SALAAM to WILHELMSTAL (Censor's cachet used as canceller)

Mail from a Canadian to Montreal and with 2c applied free by the Canadian P.O. free on arrival to show postage paid, - censored in manuscript - - -Interesting cover

Top picture post card showing Exchange Buildings, Nairobi (B.E.A.): From Nairobi via MOMBASA to TRANSVAAL '001086' This numbering device is believed to have been used by a censor. Bottom cover: 'EREE' Error, in postage free cachet.

Top cover: TANGA - AMANI ("OPENED BY CENSOR UNDER MARTIAL LAW" Label) Bottom cover: Commercial Bank Mail TABORA (G.E.A.) - KISUMU B.E.A. Nice pair - commercial usage

<--- Reverse of 2 covers left

Top cover: POW Mail MOROGORO to DRESDEN (Germany) (Censor's cachet used as canceller) Bottom cover: Printed envelope of "A. Pfüller, Pflanzung Ruvuberg, Station Bagalla, D.O.A.", bearing KG V 2a6p, cancelled "PASSED CENSOR. C.T.Dsm.=DAR-ES-SALAAM" to Dresden, Germany. Nice pair

<--- Reverse of 2 covers left Nice pair - commercial usage

Pair of cards from Dar-Es-Salaam to CAPE - different censor cachets (For full description see enlarged exhibition page)

<--- Reverse of 2 cards left Nice pair - commercial usage

Pair of covers from TABORA to Kampala, Uganda - censored mai


East Africa Military Mail From Dadoma via Nairobi to KIAMBU - alongside violet "RELEASED BASE CENSOR"

TANGA to AMANI Label "Opened by Censor under Martial Law" on reverse - opened by Postal Censor TANGA

Asmara (Eritrea) to Nairobi (Censored Military Mail) Commercial usage internally in East Africa

OAS Envelope bearing KG VI 1a + 8a, canc. FPO 88, 26 April 1943, ERITREA (MASSAWA) passing FPO 90, 27 April 43, in ERITREA ASMARA, Censored Airmail to England In this combination not common.

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