Indian Airmails, First Flights
/ Indische Flugpost, Erstflüge, Aviation
Pigeon Post, Crash Mails, etc.

Kurzbeschreibung / Short description

1911-02-18 Allahabad-Naini OFFICIAL 1st-Flight Cover (very few Official Mail carried)


1911-09-09 GB 1st UK Aerial Post to Burma Illustrated in Field Book

1911 Incoming Mail to UP EXHIBITION ALLAHABAD Which Witnessed the First AERIAL POST - redirected several times, with var transit & arrival cancellations.


1929-02-05- Indian Airmail - Calcutta-Tokyo

1926-04-04 Calcutta - Rangoon By Danisch Fokker - Also Danish Consul H-S

1926-08-21 SINGAPORE-SWETTENHAM - H-S BY AIR MAIL - very few carried (THE EUROE HOTEL Env.)
PORT SWETTENHAM Time dated arrival cds on reverse

1927 England to Australia "Red Rose" Flight - Stage Calcutta - Singapore

1928-09-22 Amsterdam to Batavia Experimental Flights

1936 NW - Rly Postal Stationery Card showing path to Kashmir used o 1st Flight Cover (Interesting in var aspects incl. for Postal Stationery collectors)

Brisbane to Cape Town by Mrs H B Bonney

1942-11-07 V Campaign Carried by USAAC signed pilot & Smith W42-72

Bombay-Dubai - & Dubai-Bombay - Nice match pair

 A Further Selection of Indian Airmails / Weitere Auswahl indischer Flugpost: (SLIDE SHOW BELOW)
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  • 1911-09-09 1st AERIAL POST to INDIA rare pair with contents
  • 1927-02-18 Stage RISALPUR- CALCUTTA mu 35 Plane vig photo
  • 1927-03-03 Basra - Cairo Ilus env Lime juice bottle
  • 1928-02-03 Ind air Cal-Akyab ptd PS
  • 1928-02-17 Ind Airmail 1st flt stage Cal-Rangoon by B-HINCKLER
  • 1928-02-17 Ind Airmail 1st flt stage Cal-Rangoon by B-HINCKLER reverse also signed Smith
  • 1928-02-20 By Dutch Plane 1st off mail
  • 1929-01-03 Baghdad - Karachi by Viscoun de Sibour
  • 1929-04-24 Indian airmail written Thoolen by S-SMITH
  • 1929-04-24 Indian airmail written Thoolen by S-SMITH REVERSE with sinnatures
  • 1933-01-16 Penang-Bombay prince Ali khan Dum Dum S cruz
  • 1933-04-05 Paris to Hanoi by Mlle Hiltz
  • 1934-01-30 Earthquake Emergency flt Dum Dum- Darbhanga
  • 1938-07-24 Ind Rkt mail Monsoon flood relief signed also on rev Smith

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