POSTAGE STAMPS - BRIEFMARKEN - INDIA / INDIEN - Pre-Independence / Vor-Unabhängigkeit   incl. Expeditionary Forces 
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Eine Auswahl unseres Angebotes: / A Selection of our offers:

1935 India SG 245a Bird on parapet var in Block of 6

1914 I E F SG E11b Ovpt DOUBLE one albino

1854 - - SG 23 - Pos.22

SG 85a

SG 92a

1866 I SG O8 with varieties distorted S - Attest BPA

1866 - - SG O 16


1898 SG 110b Double print Attest RPS - RARE with Jub.hole

Bemerkung: Noch bin ich in der Lernphase, daher sind eventuell Scans/Rechtschreibung nicht optimal.

Remarks: As I am still in learning stage with technology, some scans may not be perfect.

Please inquire availability of items of interest, as some on commission.

 Eine weitere Auswahl Königin Viktoria Marken / A Further Selection of Queen Victoria Stamps: (SLIDE SHOW BELOW)
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  • 1904-01-01 India Telegraph 1 MISSING ATTEST BPA
  • 1904-01-01 India Telegraph 1 MISSING ATTEST BPA descr
  • 1868-01-01 India - Pak forerunner 8a ovptd Service strip of 7 Canc Lahore dup scarce multiple_1
  • 1888-12-18 INDIA used in ZANZIBAR incl 1 RUPEE strip of 3
  • 1900-08-16 C 1 VAR missing bar vert in F
  • 1865-06-30 IND USED IN BURMA Ex DAVIS V RARE assembly with colour canc_1

Eine weitere Auswahl an König Edward VII Marken / A Further Selection of  King Edward VII  Stamps: (SLIDE SHOW BELOW)

  • 1909-01-01 India KE VII RUPEE - VALUES used in BURMA Ex DAVIS
  • 1909-01-02 India off SG O68- SG O72 fresh_z

Eine weitere Auswahl an König Georg V und VI Marken / A Further Selection of  K G V and VI  Stamps: (SLIDE SHOW BELOW)

  • 1929-10-22 India 8 annas SG 224a MISSING TREE MINT & USED
  • 1929-10-22 India Airmail plus SG 224a Missing Tree top

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