incl. Incoming and Mail to Overseas Destinations

Eine Auswahl unseres Angebotes: / A Selection of our covers:

Kurzbeschreibung / Short description

1871, Incoming Re-directed/ Re-Despatched Instructional Overland Mail to India

1857-10-26- GB-INDIA- Overland Mail

1859 GB to INDIA (redirected) TANNA brg ms "Gone to Bombay"

1866 GB-ALLAHABAD CAMP- Charing Cross Hotel Env - EX SATIN

1869 GB-INDIA -Top- very early sea PO --2nd to Calcutta from EDINBURG

1866 Overland Mail to Madras bearing 9d - PL4 in MiF with 1p red

1872 GB-INDIA( OUDH ) Nice pair of- Overland Mail- LATE FEE covers

1872 GB-Pair of Mourning covers to India (Simla & Bombay respectively)

1863 GB - Düsseldorf (Germany) brg 1d Red - €75,-

1886, Mail to Danish West Indies
Rückseite / Reverse

1894 GB - USA Redirected mail
Transit and Arrival cancellations on reverse

1907 GB - Re directed - Taxed crew mail - with var trasit canc Despite cover crease - Full of character-Ex- Michael Brooks €125,-
Transit and Arrival cancellations on reverse


1904 GB - Teneriffe - Madeira Redirected with Postage Due

1903 Post card (Barry Docks) addressed to Sweden (treated as cover - hence taxed) Interesting For complete description see exhibition page


1911, Aerial Post to BURMA ILLUSTRATED IN FIELD BOOK on Page 61 "CORONATION AERIAL POST" (1934 Edition)

1913-10-03 GB Airmail OFFICIAL flight by AIR POST to Lewes

1911, 1st AERIAL POST to INDIA A nice desirable pair with contents to this destination
Scarce in this condition - €49,95
1900 Card showing portrait of COL. BADEN-POWELL between flags, from Ventnor, addressed to Lund (Sweden), with transit ships post cancellation Sassnitz - Trelleborg and arrival cds. 10.10.00

1938-02-01 GB - Boston - Passenger Mail addressed to a col.- UNCLAIMED ON BOARD S.S. SAMARIA. var hs - Full of character €125,-

1911 GB - Sweden with arr cds PPC London brg KG V 1p canc with machine canc - - €22,50

- Mail to NEPAL €125,-
Reverse with KATHMANDU in oval & NEPAL cds

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